Use Reservations and Calendar

NOTICE: Caltrans has announced a "long term closure" of Highway 1 at a slide known as "Paul's Slide". Paul's Slide is located six miles south of Big Creek Reserve and 3 miles north of Nacamiento Ferguson Road. Therefore, NF Road does not serve as an alternate route to Big Creek. Big Creek is only accessible from the north through Monterey/Carmel. Although Caltrans has not estimated how long the closure will last, they have indicated the repair could take months.

For those of you who are coming from southern California, the only route to Big Creek up 101 to Salinas, 68 west to Monterey and 1 south to Big Creek. If you have reservations at Big Creek within the next six months, you will want to consider the extra drive time or alternate plans.

Redwood Camp and Terrace Camp are accessible again and open for reservations. In general, please feel free to inquire about reservations you see on the calendar for all facilities, camps, cabins and the classroom that overlap with your desired date. Depending on the capacity of the facility and the activity, resources often can be shared with fore-planning and scheduling.

The canyon road is still closed to vehicles, open on foot. Currently the open trails are Eagle, Whale Point, Highlands Ridge, Vicente and Gamboa trails. All other trails have been closed since the Dolan Fire two years ago.

Please get in touch with me with a status update on your reservation if you would like to discuss how local conditions affect your use of the reserve. Don't hesitate to give me a call with any questions so I can best facilitate you.

Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve is open to qualified visitors from any research or educational institution, public or private. All uses must be consistent with the University's objectives of teaching and research. All visits to Big Creek Reserve must be preceded by approval of a use application. Please submit more than one week before your requested date. Requests may only be reviewed once a week.

Apply to visit Big Creek Reserve through the UCNRS Reservation System (RAMS)