On-site Support

Visitor Services

The visitor center is a work space open to all users. It is the starting place for visiting Big Creek Reserve. The lobby contains a staff office, restrooms, a meeting room, maps, a phone, and an emergency radio. This building also contains the classroom which serves the purposes of lectures, meetings and group events. 

Resident reserve staff are on site and available to assist or provide guidance with using the reserve lands for research and teaching. Please use us as a resouce to learn about all the nooks and crannies at Big Creek, to inquire about where your species of interest may be, or how best to get to an area on the reserve.


Big Creek has a network of digital radio links as well as UHF radio communication capabilities. All the buildings have wifi. The campgrounds do not. Access to the wifi network is provided upon approval of a reservation to visit. Two-way radios are available for remote field work and course hikes. Please inquire with reserve personnel when planning your visit.